Oedipus Rx

Oedipus Rx


May 16
Sunday @ 5pm
Tickets: $10 per person
Limited to 50 attendees.


Did you miss your chance at seeing Oedipus Rx at home - now you can see it here at The CENTER for a movie night!  Bring your food and libations and enjoy it on the big screen inside at The CENTER!  One night only - Sunday at 5pm.  Available talk-back with Lou and the cast.

Oedipus Rx is a new teleplay written, produced, and directed by Lou Trapani.

Set today in the press briefing room of the Capitol building in Thebes, a chorus of journalists bemoans the pandemic that has gripped their city, killing hundreds of thousands, when Oedipus, his wife and daughter, his second-in-command, his attorney general, and the head of the pandemic task force appear to answer their questions.

Modeled on familiar faces from our own nation’s recent past, Oedipus Rx combines the horror of Sophocles’ tragedy with the real terror of an out-of-control modern-day virus.

Starring Josh Patriarco as Oedipus and Deborah Coconis as Jocasta.

Not Appropriate for Young Audiences.

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