Audition: Club

Audition: Club


Jan. 4 @ 7pm
Jan. 5 @ 4pm
Callbacks - Jan. 7 @ 7pm

CENTERstage Productions in association with Howl Playwrights is pleased to announce auditions for Club, a new play by Mark Burns and directed by Nancy Saklad.

Spring of 2016 -- the cusp of a new American moment. Brice Garber, a down-on-his-luck salesman from Long Island, is invited by an old friend into a real estate deal to buy an aging 13-hole golf course in a depressed Catskills town, where “country club” may have sinister overtones. 

Location: The CENTER for Performing Arts at Rhinbeck

Performance Dates: February 24 - 25, 2018

Seeking: All roles open.  All ethnicities encouraged to attend.  See below for character breakdown.

Prepare: Please prepare a two minute monologue.  There will also be sides from the script available at the auditions.

Bring: Please bring your personal schedule and be prepared to list your conflicts. 

Questions: Email Email Patricia Wineapple at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Nancy Saklad, who will be directing Club, is an Associate Professor at SUNY New Paltz where she specializes in Acting and Voice and Speech. Her directing credits include new plays with Half Moon Theatre--formerly of Poughkeepsie, NYC's The Drilling Company, Boston's Public Theatre, The Mill Pond Center in Durham, NH and Seacoast Repertory Theatre where she won the New England Theatre Conference's Moss Hart Memorial Award for her Direction of the Diary of Anne Frank. She has also directed numerous productions at SUNY New Paltz and the University of NH. Nancy is the author Voice and Speech Training in the New Millennium; Conversations with Master Teachers and received her MFA in Directing from Purdue University.

Character Breakdown:

BRICE GARBER: late 30s. Brice has worked in sales since he was 18 years-old and he's endured the ups-and-downs of life in that career path. Recently, the path took a near-disastrous turn resulting in a self-inflicted wound from which he is still recovering. Separated from his wife and daughter, clinging to his optimism and his idea of himself as a self-made man, he's eager for the big break that will finally pay off and lift him above being just another salesman from Long Island.

LANCE LINWOOD: late 30s. Lance is a smart, cautious business investor, who's rarely had to get his hands – or his clothes – dirty. Unmarried, he's more than fond of his long-time friend Brice. His interest in helping Brice and being in this project with him is greater than his interest in the project itself. This tempts him to follow through with it even when the yellow lights are flashing.

ARTHUR CROSLEY: 50s. Arthur is a successful, manipulative lawyer/businessman who knows how to inspire other people to do his dirty work for him.  He is a commanding presence in any meeting he takes, but he's also a bit of an oddball. And that only makes him more intriguing to Brice and Lance.

KERRIE ROHRBACH: early 40s. Kerrie is the long-time waitress at the golf course in Wopahonic. She presents herself as the sassy, sharp-tongued, down-to-earth waitress, but she's lonely, bitter and, at times, mean because she's been there too long with no way out.  So she's settled on being fond of Big Billy, even protective of him, the way a woman might be when she's under a man's thumb with no easy choices.

JIMMY FARRELL: 20. Jimmy is the newly arrived bartender who seems to have appeared – or reappeared – from nowhere. Easily dismissed as a foolish stoner, he's smarter than he seems and he knows when to keep quiet. He's an excellent listener with very good recall – and that can be surprising.

MELISSA ROHRBACH: 19. Melissa is a waitress at the golf course, tough and wiser than her years. She realizes she has to get out of Wopahonic, not only  to avoid ending up stuck like Kerrie, but also because she senses the undercurrent of danger that's been building for a long time.

BIG BILLY BLACKWELL: 40s. Big Billy runs the Colonial Golf Course. He's crafty, paranoid, dangerous – and overtly racist. He's got a plan for the golf course and he won't let anyone stand in his way.

STATE TROOPER: (Wearing a wet suit and goggles, this character can be doubled.)