Theatre Geeks Who Drink; A CENTER Fundraiser

Theatre Geeks Who Drink; A CENTER Fundraiser


Aug. 24
7:30pm - doors open
8pm - trivia begins
Tickets: For participants - $120 for groups of 4 - that's $30 each!
For observers - $15 - come laugh at participants and have a chance at winning big!
Box Office: (845) 876-3080

Observers may buy tickets online.

Participants must purchase tickets through the box office - please call Wed - Sat, 1pm to 5pm.


A CENTER fundraiser - a night of theatrical trivia will have you guessing and laughing!  Plays, musicals, actors, directors, TONY awards - all things "theatre" are possible! 

Enjoy complimentary desserts. Cash bar with premium signature cocktails!

All proceeds will benefit The CENTER.

RULES - all participant teams must be in groups of 4, with a max of 16 groups. Sign up early!

Trivia consists of 6 rounds; 10 questions per round, plus a bonus question.

Correct spelling on the answer sheets is not always required; however, the judges must be able to recognize your answers.

Each question has only one correct answer. Submitting more than one answer or general descriptions will be scored as incorrect.

Neatly print your answers. Use the pencil provided on your table in case you have to erase. 

Mulligans:  You may purchase mulligans for $5 per Mulligan. $20.00 for 5 Mulligans (limit 1 Mulligan per round). One Mulligan can be used on one question during each round. A Mulligan serves as the correct answer. Mulligans can not be used for bonus quesitons.

Answer sheets must be turned into the judges table during the time allowed at the end of each round.

Changing answers and applying Mulligans is not allowed once answer sheets have been turned in.

Electronic devices or other resource materials are strictly prohibited for use during Trivia Game play. Teams found to be violating this rule will forfeit the round.

Correct answers will be announced at the end of each round. The Trivia emcee will have the final say on any disputed answers.

In the event of a tie, a tie-breaker question between all tied tables will be used to determine the winner.


Win a round - Win a round!  Each team that wins a round, will win a round of shots!

Win the game - Rounds will be tabulated and the winning team will each EACH receive 40 tickets to the CENTER!  A value of $4800!!  Each winner can distribute those 40 tickets in anyway they wish, limit 10 per show title. Example - 1 ticket to 40 shows, 2 tickets to 20 shows, 4 tickets to 10 shows - you decide!

Observers - you too can win! You can answer only the bonus questions - person with most bonus questions correct - can win 5 tickets to The CENTER - a value of $150!

HINT:  Keep your team discussions at a low volume unless you want the neighboring team to eavesdrop.

Most importantly, HAVE FUN!!

Appropriate for All Audiences.

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